MILZERU – Pada tanggal 28 Februari 2021, merek kosmetik CLIO telah mengeluarkan pernyataan resmi mengenai brand ambassador mereka yaitu Stray Kids. Penasaran? yuk simak! 

Pada 28 Februari, CLIO membuat pengumuman terkait Stray Kids yang menyusul tuduhan kekerasan di sekolah baru - baru ini yang dilakukan terhadap Hyunjin. Pihak perusahaan juga telah menghapus foto Stray Kids, yang diumumkan sebagai wajah baru CLIO awal tahun ini dari platform resmi mereka. 

Dikutip dari Pernyataan lengkap CLIO adalah sebagai berikut: 

We are making an announcement for the customers who love CLIO.

First, we apologize for the delay in making a public response to the recent controversy involving one of the members of CLIO’s model Stray Kids.

Following this controversy, our company immediately halted all promotional activities involving this model. After hearing from the model’s agency that it would take some more time for them to investigate and reveal the precise facts, we also made requests to our domestic business partners that they cease using this content and halt all promotions linked to the model.

However, we already provided our overseas distributors with content related to this model a long time ago, and though our company continuously requested that they cease using it following this incident, a number of our overseas distributors were not able to put this into effect due to their local circumstances. These overseas distributors publicly released the model’s content together with their scheduled promotions, and we have still not received any plans to change their upcoming scheduled promotions.

We sincerely apologize to the customers who felt uncomfortable because we were unable to respond quickly and take swift action in this situation. At the moment, we are currently still in the midst of discussions regarding future plans for the model. Our company is in the process of speaking closely to all involved parties, and we are doing our best so that we can respond wisely to the current situation. Following our final agreement, we plan to proceed with our promotional activities accordingly.

At the moment, with the exception of a number of overseas distributors, all content involving our model Stray Kids that was uploaded before this current issue has now been deleted.

We will work hard in the future to pay more attention to our customers’ feelings and to listen more carefully to your voices.”

Thank you.

Nah itu dia tadi sobatzeru, informasi mengenai Stray Kids yang menjadi Brand Ambassador CLIO make Up.